Beder Fest 2022 & Beders for Life » St. Bede School Beder Fest 2022 was wonderful...

St. Bede School Beder Fest 2022 was wonderful...

…because of YOU and the 400+ who came out to enjoy perfect weather, raffles, football, face painting, delicious food and, most of all, each other – the St. Bede School FAMILY!


Together, Beders for Life & current Beders, reaffirmed what has made St. Bede School so truly special since it was established by equally enthusiastic neighbors 100 years ago…

…Faith, Family, Community!



And this is just the beginning...


...all of the Beders for Life who came to Beder Fest 2022 gave us great ideas for future focus & activities.   


Fr. Tom Kunz (’87) has volunteered to help guide Beders for Life with a committee of fellow Beders – just as any alumni organization needs alumni to bring it to life!  Please know this will not be work or a burden for any one person.  The goal is to gather Beders for Life - the people, the history, the community - to celebrate and sustain the love of all things Beder. 


If you would like to learn more & consider being a part of the Beders for Life steering committee, you are most welcome (please email [email protected] with your contact information).


A few thoughts from Beders for Life:

  • Re-establish” the grounds/landscaping of the campus – your Beder “roots” – green thumb & non-green thumb Beders welcome (please email [email protected] with “Campus” in the subject line).
  • Connect Beders for Life with current students & bring the community together (maybe during Career Day?).
  •  Another “past/present” event during Catholic Schools Week in late January/early February.
  • Tour the St. Bede School & revisit the interior “memories”.
  • Beders for Life “swag” is a definite “in development” & we need representation from Beders to tell us what you want by sharing your visions, thoughts, talents (please email [email protected] to join this effort & put “Beders for Life Swag” in the subject line).
  • A history in pictures is so important & the vault is just beginning to open.  Share pictures (or memorabilia!) you have from your days at St. Bede School to build the “scrapbook” that created the collages (please put “Beders for Life” in the subject line & identify the content in the body of the email) displayed at Beder Fest 2022.
  • Please send pictures you have from Beder Fest 2022 (by emailing them to [email protected] with “Beder Fest 2022” in the subject line & identify the persons in the body of the email). 


And the winners from Beder Fest 2022 are...

  • Beder for Life who traveled the farthest – Mike Kiefer (‘66) from Massachusetts!
  • Beder for Life from the “farthest” class, so far, is John Murray (’57). Although…we heard that someone from the class of 1946 was with us - ?  Help us verify the correct information for the alum that came from the “farthest” class by emailing [email protected] with “Beder Fest Alum” in the subject line and name as well as year of the alum in the body of the email if you can beat the class of 1957.  If you have a photo please include it as well!


We want to send a special thank you to D’s Six Pax & Dogz   

for generously donating all proceeds from the sales of their delicious hot dogs to St. Bede School organizations.  

We are especially grateful to St. Bede School parents, Corey Flesse & Eli Wiggins (son of Beder for Life David Wiggins ‘69), 

for leading this incredible effort - absolutely overwhelming! 


Thank you so much for making Beder Fest 2022 such a great afternoon together -

we look forward to all of the possibilities of Beders for Life! 

100 years ago neighbors who wanted to educate their children within their Catholic faith came together and formally established St. Bede School.


In the years since many students, faculty and educators have passed through St. Bede School halls.  We are now reaching out to join together and reunite the extended St. Bede School family to organize Beders for Life - the St. Bede School alumni organization.  The St. Bede School family is everyone who attended, graduated, worked at or taught at the school. 


Please complete and submit the "Beders for Life" alumni form using the button/link below.  Upon review and verification you will be included. 




Note: ALL information submitted will be kept private.

As we continue to build our Beders for Life alumni organization please consider sharing your memorabilia with us by dropping off materials to the school office with your name, contact information & any details about the materials or mailing to:


St. Bede School

ATTN: Christine Honan

6920 Edgerton Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15208


If you have a memory, historic details or the like please email [email protected] or call Christine Honan at 412-303-1886.





Note: ALL information submitted will be kept private.