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“When we started there four years ago, it was simply our child’s school. Now, St. Bede and all those within it, are our family.”

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We appreciate the generous support of all who donate to St. Bede School directly or to any of the specific funds.


For example St. Bede School is proud to offer opportunities to make Catholic education possible for many children. We strive to see that no talented and motivated student is denied the opportunities afforded by a St. Bede education simply because the cost of that education may be a challenge for the student’s family.  We appreciate all of those who support these efforts through generous donations to the St. Bede School Angel Fund.


To support the Angel Fund Fund, any specific funds or St. Bede School in general please select the "Support St. Bede School" option below.


From the all students, faculty and staff - THANK YOU!


“My daughter is so excited about this year! I love the quality education in a safe, loving, faith-based environment.”

- Parent of a First Grade Student