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 Parents recognize the importance of a strong faith based education to prepare children for success in college and in life. Nonetheless, there is no question that the cost of a Catholic education is a sacrifice for many families. Catholic schools are self-supported and not recipients of tax dollars or federal funding as public schools are. St. Bede charges tuition to cover 70% of the operating expenses of the school. The remaining expenses are covered through a parish subsidy (up to 20%), fundraising , bequests and donations (10%). At St. Bede, we are proud to offer opportunities to make Catholic education possible for many children. We strive to see that no talented and motivated student is denied the opportunities afforded by a St. Bede education simply because the cost of that education may be a challenge for the student’s family.

St. Bede School deeply appreciates your support and we apologize that our online donation system is currently unavailable.  

At this time we appreciate your submitting donations by;

  1. Directly submitting donations to the school office,
  2. Mailing donations to St. Bede School at 6920 Edgerton Avenue  Pittsburgh PA 15208,
  3. Or placing envelopes in the church collection baskets with “St. Bede School” notated on the envelope.

Also, please document the area for which your donation is to be applied on check memo line or within envelope/note:

  • St. Bede School
  • St. Bede School Angel Fund
  • STREAM/Technology Fund
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Miscellaneous or other areas at your discretion

From the entire St. Bede School family – thank you most sincerely!