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St. Bede School and the St. Bede School Athletic Association (SBAA)

St. Bede School offers a wide variety of athletic opportunities to students and families:

  • Basketball (Fall/Winter)
  • Cross Country (Fall)

  • Soccer (Fall and Spring)
  • 14th Ward Baseball Association (Spring – Summer) *
  • East End Crusaders Football (Fall) *
  • East End Lacrosse *
  • Track & Field (Spring)*
Girls Varsity 2022 2023 to Dio Champ
 *Affiliated with, but not run by, St. Bede School.



Participation in athletics is an important part of a child’s development. St. Bede School provides sports education and programming within a Catholic environment in order to:

  • Promote physical fitness
  • Enhance friendships
  • Develop a team concept
  • Appreciate sportsmanship
14th Ward
  • Understand and engage in appropriate competitive play
  • Learn the sport
  • Prepare student-athletes for the next level of competition


Additional SBAA forms and documents available for review include:
Grades 1-8
Register by August 13, 2021 
Fee: $85
Late registration fee: $110 by September 3, 2021 
(Varsity coach needed!)
Grades 1-8
Register by September 3, 2021
Fee: $60 
👟⚽Cross Country/Soccer Bundle⚽👟
Grades 1-8
Register for both Soccer AND Cross Country by August 13, 2021 for $95
Late Registration for both sports by September 3, 2021 for $120
Grades 3-8
Basketball season is around the corner...
Register by September 19, 2021
Fee: $130
Late registration fee: $155 by September 26, 2021
Sign up below for the 2021-2022 school year fall and winter sports:
Please contact SBAA President Natalie Kreter Stipanovich @ [email protected] with any questions.

“My children have grown immensely while they have been at St. Bede School, academically, personally andsocially. They have started to learn the importance of being responsible for themselves, as well as caring towards others and the importance of being a community. When we started there four years ago, it was simply our child’s school. Now, St. Bede and all those within it, are our family.”

- Parent of a Kindergarten & a Third Grade Student
Girls Basketball