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St. Bede School maintains the right to establish a uniform dress code for its students.  It is recognized that proper school attire and good grooming are conducive to a student’s educational and social development. Students 2021 2022

The St. Bede School Dress Code was developed:

  1. to promote a Christian atmosphere,
  2. to free children for academic concentration,
  3. to de-emphasize competition among children regarding clothing,
  4. to allow more economical dress for school, and
  5. to provide some choice to accommodate individual differences.

This Dress Code is required of all students in all grades, kindergarten through eighth grade.  This policy is intended to maintain a standard of dress that is neat, economical, modest and attractive. Dress and grooming are important.  Emphasis is on cleanliness and neatness.

Uniforms can be ordered from Lands’ End. You can order online at When you order from Lands’ End, be sure to enter our Preferred School Number: 900131178. St. Bede School will earn up to 3% back on your purchase of school uniforms.

A Uniform Exchange is coordinated by the PTG several times throughout the school year. Using the Uniform Exchange allows parents to provide a school uniform at no/low cost. Gently used uniforms are turned into the school and inspected and organized by parent volunteers. It is not necessary to have a uniform item to exchange in order to use the Uniform Exchange.


Parents are strongly urged to mark their children’s school uniform/clothing with their names. Since children do not readily claim lost items, proper identification helps school staff to find the owner and save parents the cost of replacement. School uniform items that are not claimed by the end of each report period are washed and placed in the Uniform Exchange. Other clothing items that are not claimed by the end of each month are donated to charity.