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Copy of Our Faculty and Staff

Sister Father Michele

The Diocese of Pittsburgh Golden Apple Award recognizes excellent leadership in the classroom, church and community. 

Our very own Principal, Sister Daniela Bronka, is a recipient of this prestigious award. 

St. Bede School is fortunate such an exceptional leader is in our lives and the lives of our children!


Pictured left to right

Fr. Tom Burke- Pastor, Sister Daniela Bronka, Michelle Peduto- Director of Catholic Schools

Sister Daniela Bronka,CSFN

Hello, I am Sister Daniela Bronka, the Principal of St. Bede School. I was born and raised in southern Poland – yes, POLAND!

Soon after taking my first vows, I worked in one of the preschools in Krakow as an assistant teacher while studying for my degree in education. In 1999, I was sent to Kiev-Ukraine and worked as a CCD director for two years. After taking my final vows in 2000 I was sent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA!  In Philadelphia I received my BA in Early Childhood/Elementary Education.  For seven years I taught 4th grade in a local elementary school while working on my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with a Principal certification.  After 13 years of living, studying and working in Philadelphia, I was once again reassigned — to Pittsburgh!  My first assignment in my new hometown was serving as Principal of St. Bernard School in Mount Lebanon.  And next, in the summer of 2018, I was selected by leaders of both the School and Parish to join St. Bede School as Principal.

I am thrilled to be a part of St. Bede for so many reasons…perhaps, most of all, the wonderful environment.  We have a joyful community based upon the core belief we are ALL one family TOGETHER.  Each day it is such a privilege to work with, and be with children as they grow, learn and develop…building a foundation essential to each St. Bede graduates happy, faithful, healthy, successful and good life!

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Liz Brown

Elizabeth Brown, M.Ed.
Administrative Assistant


I have held many positions in the school system from Educator to Therapist to Clinical Supervisor, but being the school administrative assistant is by far the BEST JOB EVER!

I enjoy working with such a great staff, supportive parents and adorable kiddos. They remind me daily to live life to the fullest, enjoy the simple pleasures and smile often.

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Lisa Durbin

Regional Business Manager,

Pittsburgh-East Regional Catholic Elementary Schools

[email protected]

412-404-7845 ext. 302



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Kathy Edmundson
Assistant Regional Business Manager
Pittsburgh-East Regional Catholic Elementary Schools

Ms. Baverso was nominated by St. Bede School  school family members for the prestigious Golden Apple Award.


Rebecca Baverso, B.A., B.S., M.S.Ed.
8th Grade Homeroom
6th Grade Creative Writing and Social Studies
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Reading, English, Spelling, Handwriting and Vocabulary


I love teaching at St. Bede because I have been afforded the opportunity to create academically dynamic and rigorous Language Arts curriculum for the Middle School. I love teaching middle school kids! The students and families of St. Bede are wonderfully supportive, caring, and generous people.

Amanda Catanzaro, B.A. Art Education
Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade Art
I love teaching at St. Bede because of how kind and caring everyone is. As a new teacher, it is great working with people that are so kind and caring. I love teaching Art here because of how excited the students are to have fun! It makes for a great environment.
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Shelley Genko

Kindergarten Substitute



Jennifer Graves
3rd Grade Homeroom

Language Arts, Religion, Science, Social Studies


Teaching at St. Bede School has been a wonderful experience.  St. Bede feels like a family.  I have so many fantastic memories.  Most of them are centered around our rituals and traditions.  We have so many that is hard to name one favorite.  I love going to basketball games and cheering for our teams.  May Crowning in the Spring is always beautiful.  And I love our annual talent show.  The students jump right in, ready to showcase a talent, knowing that the audience will cheer them on.

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Emily Heil
St. Bede has provided me with a wonderful place to teach for the last several years. I am so blessed to be teaching Kindergarten in such a welcoming community!

Bridget Kelly, M. Ed.
2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher


The community of St. Bede has always been a special place. My family joined the parish in 1980 and the interdependence, strength, love and generosity of this faith community is beyond compare. It’s a rare experience to have the honor of teaching at one of your alma maters and I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth Killmeyer
5th – 8th Science


I love teaching at St. Bede.  My joy is helping my students become scientific thinkers and creative problem solvers.  Watching them grow from elementary ideologies of science in 5th grade to a more mature understanding of natural world when they leave in 8th grade, is the best part of teaching science at St. Bede.  Thank you for giving me that opportunity! 

Conor Kollar
Conor Kollar
PK-8th Grade Physical Education
1st-8th Grade Health 
I love teaching at Saint Bede because of the welcoming environment. From the school staff to the students and parents, it feels like one big family! I feel very blessed to be able to teach at Saint Bede. 

Joshua Matthews
7th Grade Homeroom
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics as well as 7thand 8th Grade Social Studies
After Care Staff


When looking for an environment that I could express my love for teaching, while still staying true to my faith and beliefs, St. Bede was the perfect fit. Being a teacher at St. Bede has given me a chance to practice and live my faith daily through prayer and to lead children by example. I am truly blessed and grateful to be a part of St. Bede School and know that because of the supportive and loving environment, it is where I can make a difference.

James Metzger, BS in Music Ed and Masters in Music Ed & Performance 
4th – 8th Band Lessons


Retirement wouldn’t be nearly as good without my days teaching the wonderful students at Saint Bede. This school is blessed to have a wonderful administration, a dedicated faculty and fantastic students. 

Rachel Mollen, B.A. English & Education, M.A. English
K through 8th Grade Technology
K-8 Technology and STREAM


St. Bede is a wonderful community that my family has been a part of since 2001.  As a parent and now a teacher at St. Bede School, I have always enjoyed the traditions that make this school a special place.  Our students look forward to these traditions from year to year, and find comfort belonging to the St. Bede family.  I am happy to be a part of it.

Jessica Pais, B.A.



I love teaching at Saint Bede School because of the welcoming environment.

Leanna Petrarca-Ballog
4th Grade Homeroom
4th Grade Social Studies
4th and 5th Grade Science
5th Grade Reading


I love teaching at Saint Bede because of the families, my colleagues and having the ability to impact children’s lives in a faithful way.

Lisa Rajakovicj

Nutrition For everyone!

Lisa provides nutritious and delicious meals!

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Anna Regoli
5th Grade Homeroom


 Theresa Rossey

Nutrition For everyone!

Theresa provides nutritious and delicious meals!

 Jacquelyn Truxell, M.S. E.d.

1st Grade Homeroom Teacher


As a former student and now a teacher, I love the sense of family at St. Bede. This is a place where everyone belongs and everyone looks out for one another. It is a special place.

Jeanie Werner
PK – 8th Grade Music
K – 3rd Grade CAPA
2nd Grade Mathematics
St. Bede has consistently turned out individuals with a strong sense of independent
learning who take pride in their academics.
After School Rocks Afterschool Staff:


Bradley Matthews

Jaden Matthews

Joshua Matthews

The St. Bede School administration, faculty and staff cares deeply for each child in the school family  -  A faculty at workthey nurture each child to become the best young person by fulfilling their learning and development experience.
6th Grade Parent