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8th Grade Confirmation

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the St.Bede School 8th grade students who were are a blessing to all!


Generous supporters of St. Bede School aided our educators to provide a challenging curriculum inan advanced, quality & faith-based environment for nearly 100 years.
St. Bede School has a new donation system to make support of our school, the children, or a specific fund - easy, safe & direct - the Online School Payment (or OSP). From the entire St. Bede School family - most sincerely - THANK YOU!

Diocese of Pittsburgh COVID Guidelines Updated

As of March 1, 2021, the guidance relative to exclusion of an individual from a parish and/or school facility after exposure to COVID-19 is updated. Please refer to the attached document in this News block or find the documentation under the "2020-21 Info" tab on the website navigation bar.


Learn more about our STREAM program here.

Diocese of Pittsburgh Golden Apple Recognition at St. Bede School

The Golden Apple Award recognizes excellence in leadership & teaching within the parochial school system. The award honors performance in class, church & community to recipients who are integral in the development of our children.
Our very own Principal, Sister Daniela Bronka, is the recipient of the prestigious award! St. Bede School is also honored that school family members nominated both Ms. Baverso & Ms. Vogel.
Congratulations to our worthy honorees as well as all members of the St. Bede School family who are fortunate to have these exceptional leaders in our lives & the lives of our children!
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