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For nearly 100 years St. Bede School has been an environment where children build wisdom and values from our foundation of faith, family and community.
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“My teachers emphasized the importance of reading and writing from kindergarten… being able to convey ideas clearly is important regardless of one’s path…it has been instrumental in my success.”
Jenna Hebert
St. Bede School Alumnus
Rhodes Scholar, University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania Alumnus, Neuroscience
St. Bede not only gives my children a great academic foundation, but a respectful, faithful perspective on the Catholic Church.
Parent of St. Bede School graduates and current students.
I love STREAM class!  It is my FAVORITE class.  Our teachers are so fun, and we get to do fun and creative projects every class.  I can’t wait for the next one.  The new STREAM lab made my school year so much fun- the maker space and research center are colorful and fun rooms to be in.
3rd grade student
The addition of the STREAM lab at St. Bede sets our school apart.  The space is innovative and breeds creativity.  Squeals of joy come from both of my kids when it is a ‘Stream class day!’   The STREAM teacher is collaborative with other faculty and truly embodies bringing together the subjects of science, technology, religion, English, arts and music into an amazing hands on learning experience!   We couldn’t be more pleased with the addition to the curriculum!
Parent of two St. Bede School students

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Blessed Day!

Congratulations to our 2nd grade students who received their First Holy Communion. Sincerest gratitude to Ms. Pais and Mrs. Viator for preparing our children for this special sacrament, as well as to our families who are partners with us and are witness to the sacramental life of our children.
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Beder's for Life!

Join the new alumni organization and officially become a BEDER FOR LIFE!
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Our Mission

St. Bede School provides educational excellence centered in the belief that each child is a unique human being endowed by God with special gifts. We nurture and develop each child with a rigorous, relevant and research-based curriculum that is infused with Roman Catholic Faith and Traditions. Our learning environment promotes Faith, Family, Community, Love and Service. We graduate responsible young adults who will make meaningful contributions to a faith community and to an independent world.