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Children who participate in school sponsored athletics benefit physically, emotionally and socially.  The Saint Bede Athletic Association (SBAA) ensures that the children who participate in the Diocesan cross-country, basketball and football leagues learn their sports, how to win as well as how to lose, and how to be team players.

Registration for all St. Bede Sports (fall soccer, cross country, basketball, spring soccer) is now being handled through Blue Sombrero. Access Blue Sombrero HERE for registration and payment.
 If you are interested in volunteering for the SBAA, you can indicate your preference during the new registration process.  Please contact the SBAA President ( with any questions.
As always, thanks for supporting the SBAA.

The SBAA is dedicated to developing the children’s sportsmanship and athletic skills.  These skills complement the spiritual and academic growth cultivated by the parish and school.

The SBAA provides coaching, equipment and coordination of scheduling all practices and games.  Equipment for the school’s physical education classes and intramural athletics are also provided by the SBAA.

Two events are organized by the SBAA each year to raise funds which offset the additional costs of athletic activities.  The first event is the Mardi Gras celebration which is held every year on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday.  The second is the  December Christmas Tree Sale.  Parental participation in coaching, game management and fundraising is crucial to the SBAA’s ability to provide physical education and athletic programs which help the children of Saint Bede’s develop as Christian athletes.
2017 – 2018 Sports Seasons
The SBAA offers the students several opportunities to participate in athletics throughout the year.  The children can participate in fall soccer, fall cross country, basketball and spring soccer.

Sports Offered through the SBAA

  1. Basketball
    1. Boys Team
    2. Girls Team
  2. Cross Country
  3. Soccer
    1. Developmental Grades 1-4
    2. Junior Varsity Grades 5-6
    3. Varsity Grades 7-8
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“My children have grown immensely while they have been at St. Bede School, academically, personally and socially. They have started to learn the importance of being responsible for themselves, as well as caring towards others and the importance of being a community. When we started there four years ago, it was simply our child’s school. Now, St. Bede and all those within it, are our family.”
- Parent of a Kindergarten & a Third Grade Student
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