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The preschool program promotes spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social growth of the young children in our care. The curriculum is developed using a hands-on approach to learning. Multi-sensory activities that enhance the total development of the child are planned in a sequential manner that follows a theme or is part of a unit in the following areas: language, math readiness, motor skills, personal and social development, personal and social development, art, music, and cooking experiences.

The St. Bede Preschool strives to:

  • Provide preparation for kindergarten in a loving, caring Catholic environment.
  • Encourage the child to grow in an awareness of self and others through the love of God
  • Develop age appropriate patterns of dependence and independence
  • Grow in social and emotional skills, including appropriate expression of emotion, ability to manage aggression and stress, and focused participation in activities
  • Increase language skills in both listening and communicating
  • Develop perceptual and motor skills by practicing many kids of hands-on and interactive materials for fine motor and large motor development
  • Assist with hygiene and self-help skills such as caring for all personal needs in a classroom environment
  • Help children to identify with themselves as  cooperative members of a group, as well as learn to appreciate their unique, God-given talents as  individuals
  • Enlarge creative skills and enjoyment through experiences with art materials, music, building, and play