Middle School

St. Bede levels 6, 7, and 8 students participate in a rigorous Math, Creative / Academic Writing, English, Science, Social Studies, and Elective Class curriculum.

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Students are afforded many opportunities to expand learning in the areas of Civic Development, Engineering, Science, Writing, and more. Through advanced Math classes, participation in the competitive national program, Future City, and additional Writing support to enhance creativity and analytical thinking, students are prepared for high schools, preparatory schools, and other secondary learning institutions, consistently testing into higher level courses as freshmen in programs across the city.

All middle school students are encouraged to mentor the younger students in this tight-knit learning community, and all of them participate in a service to the community- based classroom “Buddy Program” in order to develop relationships with the younger children.


Middle School Social Studies

Students focus on cultures and geographic regions around the world. They learn about historical events and how to analyze the effect of the past on the present.

Middle School English

The Middle School students at St. Bede participate in a rigorous writing program, learning all the techniques required for higher level thinking from argumentation to creative writing and journaling.

Middle School Reading

Fostering a love of reading is important at St. Bede School. Throughout each level, students are encouraged to share information on books and book series, and they all must do quarterly and even monthly book reports.

Middle School Science

Middle School Science students at St. Bede take part in weekly labs and hands-on experiments in addition to participating in an annual Science Fair and quarterly quantitative experiments and self-driven research projects.

Middle School Math

St. Bede endeavors to create an educational partnership with teachers and students that will foster determination and passion for math. The program instills a “practice makes progress” philosophy; therefore, hands-on classroom experiences and homework will be integral reinforcement tools to help students to be successful.

In Algebra and Pre-algebra, students will:

  • Master basic computations and use of numbers
  • Become familiar with the language and use of higher mathematics
  • Recognize and learn to use some tools of algebra

Middle School Foreign Language

Students learn conversational skills, basic and advanced vocabulary, and grammar skills in their choice of Italian, French, and Spanish. Latin is offered as an elective to grades 6 – 8.

Middle School Art Program

Students work weekly in variety of media from painting to sculpture and ceramics. At the middle school level, they are also introduced to different types of artists, art history, and development discussions on art appreciation.

Middle School Music Program

In 7th Grade Music, we will be learning about being open-minded when it comes to various types of musical genres. We will be listening to and discussing all kinds of music, and I hope that the students will at least learn to appreciate all music and not just their favorites. The students will be asked to bring in music examples, and they will also learn to write and record their thoughts and feelings about different types of music. They all perform in the school concerts each year as well.

Middle School students also take classes in Computer, Physical Education, and Religion. Eighth graders make their confirmation every year and integrate a number of service-oriented initiatives into their preparation.