Active Learning is Key at St. Bede School


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Hands on Activities for the Lower Grades

In the lower grades (K – Level Three), they are afforded many opportunities to apply learning in social studies or science through planting on the school grounds and learning about food choices or taking on other hands on activities to foster a healthy sense that learning is fun and ongoing and to help with  skills acquisition on all levels.

Enrichment is Prevalent in the Elementary School

Level Four students attend monthly learning days at the Frick House and Museum and, annually, celebrate the Day of the Dead in Homewood Cemetery, in conjunction with All Souls Day. They also are afforded the opportunity to attend CMU’s “Moving 4th Into Engineering” each year.

Middle School Academics go Beyond the Classroom

The Middle School Students participate in a number of outside science activities through the Science Lab-based River Cruises and the University of Pittsburgh’s Science Lab. Many of them apply and participate in Future City, a program in which they win awards each year.

Academic and Arts-oriented Clubs

All students have many opportunities to participate in additional art, music, and theater activities as well, in addition to offerings for Geography Club and various foreign language programs.

St. Bede School's Sense of Community

Students’ choices and involvement increase as they move through the Primary, Intermediate Elementary, and Middle School Programs. The objective of the enrichment and other extra programs,  both in the classroom and after school, is to enhance each student’s sense of himself / herself as a part of the St. Bede School and as a member of the larger community.