St. Bede School has something for everyone!

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Students can participate in weekly music and performance instruction.

Students in grades K – 6 can participate in tennis instruction with Mark Haffner on Fridays, 16 Sept – 9 December weekly until 3:30 in the school gym. Classes are $15 per week or $180 for the whole semester.

Tennis Lessons 2016 – 2017

Chess Club
From the beginner to the intermediate player, students can participate in an after school chess program. Taught by a master instructor with years of experience, the program is designed to help with math and problem-solving skills.

Piano Lessons
For those interested in one on one music instruction, piano lessons are available as an individual after school program.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts is currently meeting every other Thursday in the cafeteria right after school until 4:30 pm. Participation forms are in the office.

Student Council
St. Bede’s Student Council is committed to a number of community and service-oriented initiatives throughout the diocese and the city.

With instruction from volunteers, older students, and teachers, students are able to learn photography, writing, and layout skills as members of the St. Bede School Yearbook Staff.

Future City
For years, St. Bede School has won awards and attended the national conference annually. Students must apply and demonstrate superior academic skills, in math, social studies, and science to be part of the Future City Team. As team members, they will learn to hone skills in engineering, environmental studies, and social sciences.

Science Explorers
Elementary School children at St. Bede School can participate in the Science Explorers after school program in which  they will learn about various science phenomena and practice hands-on lab skills.

Geography Club
Upper Elementary and Middle School Students at St. Bede School can participate in an after school Geography Club in which they will study various cultures around the world. Notoriously, St. Bede sends students to the national Geography Bee annually.

Interested students can participate in a weekly choir program and enjoy opportunities to perform in the school and the church on a regular basis. Choir normally practices on Fridays, and participation forms are  available in the office.

CAPA instruction is available to all students in grades K – 3.

Musical Theater
For students interested in the theater arts, each season at the school sees a differnt musical theater class being offered. Classes are popular and fill up quickly. There is a performance at the end of each session.

Art Club
Students work in a variety of media and learn about artists from Van Gogh to Diego Rivera and focus on everything from architecture to imaginary creatures.

Math Olympiad
Students are invited to participate in advanced math classes, activities, and skill-building once they reach the upper grades.