What is STREAM?
At St. Bede School we are building a Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering and Math discovery center. We are planning on a Summer 2018 launch!
Through various partnerships, the STREAM curriculum focuses on four pillars of education.
  1. Inquiry Based Experiences
    Students are provided with context rich questions to stimulate curiosity. They are provided opportunities to engage in the content by designing their problem solving methods to draw conclusions.
  2. Integrated Curriculum
    Thematic units and lessons are developed collaboratively by core teachers. Teachers instruct on the content from their discipline with emphasis on the interconnectedness of subject areas.
  3. Project Base Learning
    Students study real world problems and investigate possible solutions.
  4. Career Awareness
    By studying real world problems, students are provided a context to understand the importance and future implications of concepts being studied.

Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway

St. Bede School has partnered with the Carnegie Science Center to enhance our STREAM curriculum by becoming a Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Partner.  This partnership will enable us to offer aresearch-based and field proven strategic planning process to our STREAM initiative at St. Bede.  With positive collaboration and planning, our teachers and staff plan to offer innovative curriculum and best practices in STREAM education.

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“I love science because we never just read, we put the science into action.”
- Marley, 8th Grade
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