schoolbuilding St. Bede School, located in the Point Breeze section of Pittsburgh, PA, has been an important part of the community since its establishment in 1922.  The location of the school and the strong commitment within the community and parish to Catholic education has contributed to the development of a diverse faith-filled elementary school.The thrust towards educational excellence at St. Bede School is one that flows from the belief that each child is a unique human being endowed with special gifts.  We believe that each child should be able to develop these gifts and to participate in a learning environment that promotes love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self.Our life in St. Bede School centers around the belief in Jesus Christ and calls us to foster a prayerful outlook in ourselves and the students.  This outlook arises from faith in God, Who has created every individual as a wonder.


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The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools accredit early-childhood through post-secondary, non-degree granting public, private, faith-based educational institutions including special purpose schools, supplementary education centers, learning services providers, and distance education institutions.

Historically, MSA-CESS has operated in the mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia); with its cooperative partners, it has expanded its scope to include schools and institutions seeking accreditation throughout the United States. The Commissions also award accreditation to member institutions in more than 85 countries around the world.

The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are affiliated with the United States State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and provide accreditation services to American and international style schools attended by members of the U.S. foreign service and U. S. citizens working for non-government agencies and multi-national corporations. The Commission on Secondary Schools is also recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a gatekeeper for eligibility for Title IV funding for post secondary non-degree granting institutions and distance education.

The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are founding members of the International Alliance of Accrediting Associations which includes the major regional, national and international accrediting agencies.

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Starting in January 2015, the rates for the After School Program will be raised to:
Monthly Rate: $150
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“I have always delighted either to learn, to teach, or to write.” 
The Venerable Bede

St. Bede Parish has been an important part of the Point Breeze community since its establishment in 1922.  The property originated as a private estate dating from the 1870’s.  The original house continues in use today as the rectory.


When the parish was established, the pastor identified the formation of an elementary school as the critical component of the parish.  So in 1926 a two-story school was erected.  In 1950, a major addition was erected which included the new church.  Since the 1950 addition, no significant modernization had occurred until 1999-2000 with the addition of a new activities building and major renovation to the inside of the school. Most recently, upgrades have been made to the church and the school gym from 2010 – 2013.


Nearly ninety years later, St. Bede School continues to relentlessly pursue offering children the best education, spiritually and intellectually.   Father Bryce, pastor of St. Bede Parish and School, is strongly committed to Catholic education.  His love for the church and children are seen in his caring, generous service to St. Bede Parish.  Father Bryce’s leadership and vision help to meet the challenge of an educational environment rooted in the life and gospel of Jesus Christ.


The faculty of St. Bede School strives to provide the best Catholic education.  This faculty brings to the classroom a deep understanding of the Catholic faith, as well as a wealth of knowledge in their field of expertise.  The teachers are dedicated to the students, sharing their time, talent, and love for learning.  They take their responsibility of having a strong, positive impact on young lives very seriously.


The curriculum of St. Bede School is designed to prepare students for their future.  Faith development of the students is the primary focus.  Knowledge of God is at the core of our curriculum. There is significant effort to challenge each student to go beyond the mastery of basic skills and apply their knowledge.  Students exiting St. Bede School will possess knowledge of God, academic content, and thinking skills that will enable them to function as inquirers and problem solvers in today’s world.


The comprehensive academic curriculum at St. Bede is something of which St Bede is very proud.  Teachers use different methods of teaching, such as lecturing, modeling, and using manipulatives.  The students are actively involved with literature, creative writing, poetry, art history, and the study of foreign language (Spanish, Italian, French, and Latin).  Teachers help students to build their confidence and knowledge in math and problem solving.  Students learn about the world through science and social studies, preparing them for a global society.  St. Bede has an active computer lab to prepare the students for the ever-growing technological world.  They develop creative skills through our art department, and participate in a number of dramatic plays and other performance opportunities throughout the year.  St. Bede students are very well rounded and score above the national average in math and reading by the eighth grade.


St. Bede School offers a full range of extra curricular activities for the students.  There are sports, such as cross-country, basketball, soccer, and volleyball (with broad community access to football and lacrosse).  We also offer dance, music, art enrichment, and CAPA theater.  We participate in many academic challenges such as Future City, Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl, Math Olympiad, Geography Bee, and more. All of these activities are offered for the students to broaden their horizons and participate actively in living and learning.


St. Bede School is supported by dedicated adults. Parents are willing to volunteer their time and talents in every aspect of school from special projects and events to helping in the classrooms and lunchroom.  We also have many grandparents and senior citizens from the parish who help at St. Bede School.  Our Parent Teacher Guild is very active, continuously working on fundraisers, activities, and workshops to make St. Bede a vital community.

Indebted to the past, St. Bede Parish and School comes from a rich legacy, woven out of the love for God, for neighbor, and for ourselves.  As St. Bede continues to grow we look forward to a future full of promise!